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Post Office RFQ - Questions and Answers

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1. Who owns the land on which the post office building stands and is the owner looking to sell or lease it?
2. Is there a current survey of the redevelopment property?
3. How will the project to be funded?
4. Who manages the property once occupied?
5. Who will own the property after it's developed?
6. Will the Township have informational sessions for potential respondents prior to the deadline for submitting proposals?
7. Will the Township be issuing a short list of developers?
8. Will the Township require prospective developers to arrange for tours of their projects similar to the proposed project?
9. Are conceptual plans with another supermarket or no supermarket of interest to the Township?
10. Is Ricalton Square part of the proposed development plan?
11. Will the Township consider responses that do not meet LEED certification?
12. Will the Township consider extending the due date for up to 30 days?
13. What is meant by the Township reserves the right to …”correct deficient responses that do not completely conform with this request…?”
14. Are all members of respondent’s project team required to be identified in the RFQ submittal?
15. Is there a current appraisal of the property available?
16. Is there an existing property survey available for use in preparing concept drawings?
17. Can we obtain a copy of the survey in a CAD format?
18. Are there any existing drawings of the current post office that are available for review? How can they be obtained?
19. The RFQ describes expectations for LEED Certification. Is there a target level (Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum) requested for this project?
20. Are there any planned improvements to the existing tunnel under the railroad tracks? Who currently owns that property?
21. Has a reserve price for the property been determined?
22. Will the Township make available files, documents, or other materials submitted in response to the Township’s prior RFPs/RFQs for development projects?
23. Are there any clarifications or addenda for the RFQ?

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