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Department Mission and Goals

Department Mission
The mission of the Maplewood Health Department is to pursue activities that improve the health and well-being of the residents of Maplewood. This involves:

  • Creating programs to reduce the incidence of chronic disease caused by long-term hazards to the body
  • Educating residents on how they can protect themselves
  • Helping to protect residents from illness caused by microscopic virus and bacteria, or illnesses from larger animal agents such as rabid animals
  • Protecting our homes, work sites, food, water, and air from environmental pollutants
  • Staying alert for new potential causes of illness that may endanger our community

2017 Program Goals

Maplewood Health Department Staff and Services Brochure

Administrative Services
  • Continue to work with other county health officers on shared service projects
  • Continue work with the Environmental Advisory Committee 
  • Maintain office business such as receipts, billing, supplies, and reports
  • Manage the Municipal Alliance Grant

Animal Control

  • Continue inspection and related code enforcement for all food businesses
  • Perform routine inspections on establishments such as child care centers, swimming pools, and massage businesses.
  • Pursue lead paint house painting ordinance and lead safety education
  • Respond to, investigate, and resolve, using code enforcement if needed, all complaints concerning health matters from residents

Nursing & Communicable Diseases
  • Continue nursing service at monthly adult health clinics 
  • Investigate all cases of New Jersey reportable disease and complete legally required investigation reports 
  • Perform immunization audits at child care centers and schools 
  • Plan and conduct health screenings and health education/ health promotion programs
  • Provide the seasonal influenza vaccination

574 Valley St.
Maplewood Township, NJ 07040
Hours of Operation 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Ph: (973) 762-8120