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Repair of Replacement Requiring Permits
The repair or replacement of existing equipment can be best guided by the Statute regulating this portion og the code. The exerp of the section follows:

§ 5:23-2.17A     Minor work

   (a) The issuance of a permit shall not be required before minor work may proceed. The owner, or an architect or contractor acting on behalf of the owner, shall, however, provide notice of the work to the enforcing agency before work begins.

     (b) Notice of work; application:

     1. Notice of minor work shall be a personal or telephoned oral notice before work commences. This oral notice shall be provided to the enforcing agency between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, except holidays. In those cases where the local enforcing agency is not open and available to receive notice at those times then notice shall be provided to the municipal clerk;

     2. In addition to oral notice, the owner or his agent shall be required to file an application. The completed application with the fee shall be delivered in person or by mail to the enforcing agency, within five business days from the date of the oral notice.

     (c) Minor work:

     1. Minor work shall mean and include:

     i. The construction or total replacement of any porch or stoop which does not provide structural support for any roof or portion of a building;

     ii. Renovation or alteration work in an existing one or two-family dwelling, provided that no primary structural members are altered in any way, and further provided that the work does not constitute reconstruction; and

     iii. The removal and replacement of more than 25 percent of the exterior siding of a one or two-family dwelling;

     2. Minor work shall also mean and include the replacement of any existing plumbing piping work with new and approved material of like capacity; the installation of drinking fountains and condensate drains in existing structures; the replacement of existing low pressure hot water heaters with new ones of like capacity; and the new installation of lavatories, water closets, tubs, showers, washers or dishwashers, and garbage disposers in existing space of one and two-family dwellings where the new installation of additional fixtures can be accommodated with no increase in the size of the water distribution system, water service or house drain;

     3. Minor work shall also mean and include new electrical work incidental to the installation of air conditioning, equipment, clothes dryers, and ranges or ovens in one and two-family dwellings; the installation of five or less 110 or 220 volt receptacles or fixtures where existing circuits and/or available space circuits and service are adequate to support the load; the replacement of existing wiring with new wiring of the same capacity provided that the new wiring shall be of a type approved for the use by the code;

     4. Minor work shall also mean and include the following:

     i. The installation of any fire detection or suppression device in any one-or two-family dwelling;

     ii. The installation of a radon mitigation system in an existing one-or two-family dwelling;

     iii. The installation of a burglar alarm or security system in any structure;

     iv. The installation of communications wiring in any Class 1 or Class 2 structure or any Class 3 structure involving the penetration of a fire-resistance rated assembly.

     (1) For the purposes of applying this provision, communications wiring shall mean any wiring covered by Chapter 8 of the electrical subcode. Communications wiring shall also include data circuits between computers/information technology equipment, which may be classified as “communications circuits," in accordance with Article 725 of the electrical subcode;

     5. Minor work shall not include lead abatement.

     6. Minor work on elevator devices shall also mean and include work as outlined in N.J.A.C. 5:23-12.8(b) and not involving any structural modification to a building.

     (d) Inspection of minor work:

     1. Inspections shall be required for minor work and the enforcing agency shall inspect any such work within 30 days of the request for inspection;

     2. The construction official shall issue a certificate of approval stating that the work performed under a Minor Work Permit substantially complies with the UCC. The inspection shall be based upon what is visible at the time of said inspection and the certificate of approval shall so indicate.

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