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Scrap Metal, Oils, Used Clothing & More
In addition to commonplace items such as cardboard, aluminum, and glass/plastic bottles, we also recycle used air conditioners,  cooking/motor oil, car batteries, and antifreeze at the public works yard; please see below for instructions on how to recycle these items and more. 

Air Conditioner Disposal

Residents may dispose of air conditioners at the public works yard without removing any remaining freon from the unit. All air conditioner units dropped off at the public works yard are to be placed on the curb beside the yellow canister used to recycle used motor oil.

Battery Disposal

Used automotive batteries can be dropped off by residents for recycling at the public works yard. All used batteries should be placed on the curb besides the yellow motor oil canister. Please call 973-762-1175 or email for with any questions or concerns. 

Cooking Oil 

Pouring used cooking oil down your kitchen sink, or toilet, will lead to blockages in your plumbing system, as well as the Township’s sewer system. When a blockage happens, it could lead to sewage backing up into your, or a neighbors, home.
Recycle your used cooking oil at the Maplewood Recycling Center. There is a large container on premises in which you can easily dispose of your used cooking oil in a safe and eco-friendly method. 

Picture of Cooking Oil Recycling Canister

Motor Oil & Antifreeze 

Motor oil can be disposed of in a large yellow canister on premises, and antifreeze can be disposed of in a white container directly beside the motor oil canister. Car batteries and air conditioners can be placed on the sidewalk directly beside the white antifreeze container. If you should need assistance locating the canisters, or lifting an air conditioner, please call public works at 973-762-1175.

Picture of Motor Oil Recycling Canister & Picture of Antifreeze Recycling Canister

Used Clothing Drop-Off Shed

Used clothing is accepted at the Recycling Center. Receipts are available so donated clothing can be claimed as a tax deduction.

Items Accepted

  • All clothing
  • Shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Belts
  • Purses
  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Pillowcases
  • Drapes
  • Stuffed Toys 

Items Not Accepted

  • Rags
  • Undergarments 
  • Fabric Scraps
  • Toys
  • Household Goods

Please keep in mind the antifreeze, air conditioner, battery, clothing, and oil recycling services are drop-off only. This feature is for residential use only; commercial businesses are not permitted to dispose of any materials at the public works yard.  

Scrap Metal Disposal

If you are in possession of scrap metal and are not sure how to safely dispose of it, take it to the Maplewood Recycling Center at 359 Boyden Avenue.  If the item is too large or heavy for you to transport, please call the Maplewood Department of Public Works at 973-762-1175 to schedule a curbside pickup.

Washing Machines & Dishwashers

The Maplewood Department of Public Works will pick up old washing machines and dishwashers. Simply call us at 973-762-1175 or email to schedule an appointment for pick up. Once the appointment is set please be sure to place the item curbside the night prior to pick up.

Please call the Department of Public Works 973-762-1175 or email with any questions or concerns.

574 Valley St.
Maplewood Township, NJ 07040
Hours of Operation 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Ph: (973) 762-8120